Cobalt Area

Located in the heart of Cobalt, Ontario

The Duncan Kerr project is located in northeastern Ontario near the town of Cobalt. This area was made famous by mineral discoveries that opened the way for the prolific Timmins and Kirkland mining camps. The area surrounding the town of Cobalt in northeastern Ontario is known for its unique geological setting responsible for a unique mineralization type composed of quartz-carbonate veins enriched in silver-cobalt-nickel-bismuth-arsenic, and to date over 460 million oz Ag have been produced in Cobalt, ON.***

The property hosts the past-producing Kerr Lake and Lawson mines, which operated between 1905 and 1966 and produced approximately 32.7 million oz Ag as well as significant cobalt as a by-product. The surrounding infrastructure includes access to a municipal road, highways, railway spurs, power, and ample fresh water supply.

The above was taken from Kleinboeck, J.M., Clark, G.J., NI 43-101 Technical Report on the Duncan Kerr Property, Larder Lake Division, Northeastern Ontario for Big North Graphite, 2016, 41p.

Asset Summary


Fig.1 – Drummond mine 1910

4,000,000 ounces of silver and 250,000 lbs of cobalt were produced from the first 60 metres from surface, through 5 shafts between 1905 and 1936.**







Fig.2 – Drummond Mine 1911

2 historical shafts at Conisil reached a depth of 186m and 100,000 ounces of silver were produced at Conisil from 20 individual veins. There was limited production between 1961 and 1965. Historical grades were as high as 9.49 oz/t Ag.**






Fig.3 – Hoist from the Conisil Mine

2 shafts on the Hargrave Mine mined to a depth of only 168m produced 500,000 ounces of silver and 6,400 lbs of cobalt between 1908 and 1926.**








Fig.4 – Stockpile at Juno Mine

143 hectares encompassing the Belmont, Silver Cross, Campbell-Crowford, Juno, Silver Bird Mines and Airgiod.**

Production records for Silver Cross make mention of 3,000 lbs of cobalt being mined while the Juno produced 46,000 oz of silver (1918-1920).**







Fig.5 – Rock Pile at Silver Cross

Underground exploration was carried out at the Belmont, Campbell-Crowford and Silver Bird Mines. Significant stockpiles and rockpiles are present on the projects.**








**The references above are from Sergiades, O.A., Silver Cobalt Calcite Vein Deposits of Ontario, Mineral Resource Circular No. 10, Ontario Department of Mines, 1968, 498p.