Positioned to become North America’s first vertically integrated cobalt processing company.

CobalTech Mining Inc. is a cobalt mining and processing company with assets in Ontario, Canada. The Company owns a strategically located land package in the heart of Cobalt, Ontario, in an area known for its geological setting responsible for unique mineralization composed of quartz-carbonate veins enriched in silver-cobalt-nickel-bismuth-arsenic. To date over 460 million ounces of silver have been produced from the Cobalt mining camp.

The town of Cobalt was named after the mineral due to its abundance in the area. CobalTech’s initial focus will be on the millions of tonnes of rock that have been left on surface from former silver mining operations. The silver mines were only after the high grade silver and left the cobalt behind in old dumps and tailings. Select sampling of the old dumps has returned grades as high as 761 g/t silver and, 0.95% Co and 0.33% Ni.

The Company’s properties were selected to include 11 former producers or advanced exploration projects with both surface and underground workings. The projects include The projects include the Kerr, Lawson, Drummond, Conisil, Hargraves, Belmont, Silver Cross, Campbell-Crawford, Juno, Airgiod and Silver Bird mines that had an estimated total output of 37.266 million ounces of silver and 253,000* pounds of cobalt all mined from shallow depths not exceeding 186m from surface**.  The equipment and building for a fully permitted 100 tpd mill are on site.

Cobaltech is working toward becoming a major cobalt miner and producer, supplying the growing North American battery market. The Company’s assets provide the foundation for CobalTech to become one of the first North American vertically integrated cobalt processing companies with the capacity to take mineralized ore through production to high-tech metals for use in the lithium battery industry.


Providing Canadian-mined cobalt to power the high tech battery industry.

Cobalt is an essential component for cathodes in NCA and NMC-type batteries. These high-energy battery cells are used in smartphones, tablets, portable computers, power tools, and electric vehicles. At present, a supply versus demand crunch is imminent, and a significant increase in global production is necessary over the next few years to sustain the supply chain challenges of the battery industry. 65% of mined cobalt is from the politically unstable Democratic Republic of Congo, and China refines 43% of the world’s cobalt. Companies such as Tesla are looking to source new raw material strictly from North American sources, driving demand for local mining and processing.